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JASRAC 許諾番号9026894001Y45037
NexTone 許諾番号ID000006642


Gyoen obelisk -VJ collaborate special- vol.2

Open Date



Live Description

CHARGE ¥3,000 (1DRINK付)

18:30 あみだあくび

19:10 YAS33

19:55 明暮

20:40 イェア's

21:20 NEIRRA



160-0022 東京都新宿区新宿1-34-13 貝塚ビルB1

Japanese live house culture

  • Small live houses and indie artists sometimes sell tickets at the door. However, in some cases, shows may sell out. Also, in Japan, door tickets can be about 500 yen more expensive than advance tickets. Therefore, it's recommended to purchase tickets in advance.
  • Japanese live houses sometimes start their shows earlier than expected. It's best to confirm the start time in advance before heading to the venue.
  • 'OPEN' refers to the time when doors open for entry, while 'START' indicates the time when the live performance begins.
  • For events expected to be crowded, entry may be organized by calling people in order. This order is determined by the numbered ticket you receive, which has a reference number printed on it. Please follow the venue staff's instructions when lining up. This system allows those who bought tickets earlier to enter the venue earlier.
  • Generally, when purchasing a ticket, it's mandatory to buy one drink as well. The drink ticket is exchanged for an actual drink at the bar counter.
  • At the reception, you'll be asked which band you've come to see. If you can't speak Japanese, please point to the name of the band you're here for.
  • There isn't a tipping culture in Japan, so if you enjoyed an artist's performance, it's recommended to purchase their merchandise instead.